Build one-stop power service

Active operation and maintenance, refined management, and unlimited value-added services

Energy efficiency management

Energy planning audit 

Energy consumption benchmarking

Energy efficiency improvement

Energy customized report, bill 

In-depth analysis of energy consumption, 

Optimize energy saving

Electrical asset management

Multi-dimensional query and asset report 

Mobile terminal APP+and webpage

Quick access to cabinet QR code

Electrical asset configuration information display

Aging evaluation and analysis of circuit breaker

Power quality monitoring

Monitoring and analysis of power quality

Harmonic analysis system diagnosis

Real-time monitoring of power grid

Disturbance analysis and judgment

Operation and maintenance management

Quick fault diagnosis and recovery guidance

System protection selectivity analysis

Precision preventive maintenance guidance and plan

Real-time monitoring of operating temperature

Protection setting is optimized as required

Intelligent patrol inspection related to people, things and things

Provide customers with more secure, stable and intelligent solutions